Butterfly: Inchworm Animation II is designed for the Nintendo 3DS. You can purchase it by downloading it onto your device from the Nintendo eShop.

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Butterfly Support

For technical support with Butterfly, Please contact us via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I didn't get the confirmation email?
  • Check your spam folder. Most of the time, missing confirmation emails have been spam filtered. If you have Gmail and use a different mail program to check it, like Apple Mail, then you may need to log into Gmail directly in a browser to find Gmail's spam folder. Email support@butterflyanimation.com if you still don't see it and we will verify the account for you manually.
  • Q: How does the stereoscopic 3D work in Butterfly?
  • Butterfly utilizes the 3D effect by placing your animation layers at decreasing depths in your scene. The first layer appears furthest back from your eye, and the last layer appears closest. You can adjust the depths of individual layers in the Timeline. For example, you might want the two layers to appear at the same depth because they belong to the same character.
  • Q: How do I get an account?
  • You can register for an account either here on the website or from within Butterfly on the Nintendo 3DS. On the website, simply click "Create Account" at the top right of the screen and follow the directions.

    On the 3DS, you are given the opportunity to create an account when you try to access the online gallery. From the Main Menu, tap "Files" and then "Online Gallery". You will see the option to create an account.

    To have a Butterlfy account, you need a valid email address. A confirmation email will be sent to this address when you register. On the 3DS you'll be able to log in, browse and upload files after clicking the verification link in that email.
  • Q: What is "live painting" and how do you do it?
  • Live-painting refers to painting or drawing on a movie canvas as it plays. Butterfly is designed to allow this activity. If your movie is playing, you don't need to do anything special to start live-painting -- just pick a brush and start drawing! Your brushstrokes are recorded to the canvas as the frames change, looping around to the beginning once the last frame is reached.
  • Q: Is there away for to upload my work to YouTube?
  • In order to upload to YouTube, you can save the movie from the Butterfly website onto your computer and then upload it to YouTube. To do that, you can either right-click on the movie and save it, or click on the little yellow icon with three dots connected by lines (that’s the share icon). It has an option to download the movie as an mp4. I believe if you use the share menu, it will download your movie as a single playthrough, so it could be really short. If you use the right-click->save method, then the movie will be 30 seconds long, with your animation looping as many times as will fit into 30 seconds.